The question of whether or not you can eat beef jerky while pregnant is one that many expectant mothers ask themselves.

The answer to this question depends on what kind of jerky you are eating. Here at Jerks for Moms, we specialize in beef jerks. We have been selling them since 2009 and have heard the question “can I eat beef jerky while pregnant” asked hundreds of times over that time period.

This blog post will provide 11 tips for eating our jerky during pregnancy so that your baby can enjoy it too!

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Tip #11: To ensure that your jerky is safe for pregnancy, we recommend buying the USDA Certified Angus Beef Jerky. This beef will meet all American Association of Meat Processors standards and guidelines to keep you and your baby healthy!

Our tip list includes:

USDA certification-good hygiene practices while preparing food-freezing meat before trying a new jerky flavor.

Providing pregnant women with enough protein in their diet-checking labels of ingredients used in different flavours asking about any preservatives or fillers which may contain nitrates (nitrites). Keeping bags sealed when not using them so they don’t dry out, using spices on our products like cracked black pepper if desired because it’s been shown to be perfectly fine.


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