Can you drive after a root canal?

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If you’re in the midst of a root canal, you may be wondering if it’s possible to drive after your procedure. The answer is yes!

Below are some tips for recovering from root canal surgery and getting back on the road:

First thing first–restrict your driving to short distances or take public transportation. This will allow your mouth to heal properly. Eat soft foods, like yoghurt with chopped up fruit, oatmeal, scrambled eggs mixed with mashed potatoes (this helps strengthen jaw muscles), soup broth-based soups, and mashed sweet potatoes.

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These types of food will help prevent any muscle spasms that could occur from chewing solid food while healing from a root acid treatment.

Take ibuprofen for the next few days to prevent swelling. Avoid drinking anything out of a straw, biting or chewing on hard foods (like popcorn!), and smoking while you’re recovering from root canal surgery–smoking can cause dryness in your mouth which will delay healing time. Wear an upper denture at night if one has been made.

This will keep pressure off of your jaw and promote proper healing. Take pain medication as needed but don’t overdo it!

Pain medications can make someone drowsy so be mindful when driving after taking any medicine with codeine or ibuprofen content. Also, remember that aspirin is not recommended for people who are 18 years old or younger due to Reye’s Syndrome.


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