Can you drink on probation?

Most people who are on probation for DUI or DWI offences know that it is illegal to drink alcohol while on probation. However, not everyone knows the reasons why this rule exists in the first place.

In this blog post, we will discuss what drinking does to your blood alcohol level and how the law views it when you’re on probation. We’ll also give some tips about how to stay sober even when you have a lot of free time!

Number of Sentences: 20 You will need to follow the laws and have tight control over your alcohol intake.

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The law has set a legal limit for how much can be in your blood at any given time because it is illegal to drink when on probation.

Your BAC level should always stay below this number or else you could face some serious consequences, like jail time or even worse!

It’s important though that you also are aware of what happens if you go above the legal limit but not quite high enough to warrant an arrest. You’ll still end up with a DUI conviction just as long as your BAC was above 0% while driving (or operating machinery). 

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