Can you do world quests in a raid?

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Many people have been asking if you can do World Quests in a raid. The answer is yes! You just need to be careful with the order that you do them in.

World quests are usually designed to give players an opportunity to take a break from raiding, explore new content, and earn some extra rewards on top of what they get for completing the raid.

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It’s important not to skip these opportunities because they’re one way of making sure your characters stay relevant and strong while working towards getting loot for their main character.

World quests can be done in raids, but you should think about the order that they are completed. Spending time doing world quests outside of raiding will help keep your character relevant and strong for when they start raiding again.

You need to take a break from raiding every once in a while so it’s good to have something enjoyable waiting for you after finishing up!

Thoughts: I hope this clears some things upon whether or not you can do World Quests while running a raid and if there is any benefit (besides loot) in doing them.

The answer is yes, but only with care as to which one comes first on the list of tasks.


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