Getting fired is a traumatic life event. You might be wondering how you will pay rent, buy groceries or put gas in your car. If you feel that what happened was unfair, it’s time to take action against the employer and get them to take responsibility for your loss of income. You can’t collect unemployment, but you might be eligible for workers comp.

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The benefits are intended to help cover the costs of medical care and lost wages that come with getting injured on the job. You don’t need a doctor’s note or diagnosis to file an injury claim against your employer in most states if they were at fault for what happened to you.

Workers compensation insurance covers injuries that happen while performing work-related duties as well as those accumulated outside of working hours during or after employment in many cases – so it may provide wage replacement payments, medical expenses, and disability income when necessary.” Some states also have safety incentives like programs designed just for employees who experience workplace violence or traumatic events and these should provide financial support.


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