Can you cleanse Mordekaiser ult?

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Mordekaiser is a champion that has been around since season one of League of Legends. He’s a juggernaut and carries really well into late game, but the problem with him is his ult. The thing about Mordekaiser’s ultimate is that it can’t be cleansed like most other ults in the game. This means that if you’re getting focused by an enemy team, you can’t just pop your ultimate to escape! In this blog post we’ll discuss how important cleanse on Mordekaiser ult could be and why he needs it as soon as possible.

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To cleanse Mordekaiser ult well need to build some form of CC immunity, such as Quicksilver Sash or Abyssal Mask. Alternatively, you could always try building Mercurial Scimitar for more MR and Tenacity! Happy playing with your new favorite champion in League of Legends. 


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