Can you cheat an A1c test?

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This blog post will teach you how to beat an a1c test. We provide guidelines on what not to do and what is common among cheaters. There are also some tips for those who just want a good laugh! What not to do: don’t use other people’s blood, don’t cheat on the finger-prick test and try to get a good night sleep.

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Some cheaters have tried these tricks but failed miserably: using other people’s blood (this includes mixing it with your own), cheating on the finger prick test by poking another person or animal, trying to cure diabetes through dieting or fasting for more than 72 hours. The list goes on as there are many different ways an individual can beat this simple and quick medical procedure.

Since a diabetic either has high levels of glucose in their body or they produce too little insulin – which regulates how much sugar is present in our bloodstream – it falls upon doctors to check.


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