can you charge a ps4 controller from an outlet,

ps4, playstation, playstation 4 @ Pixabay

Since the release of the PlayStation 4, a lot of gamers have been wondering if it is possible to charge a PS4 controller from an outlet. This article will go over the steps required for you to set up your own charging station! -Step one: get a USB charging station. This is an easy and affordable way to charge up your controllers! You can purchase the Belkin Universal Outlet Charging Station for $26 on Amazon or take it apart from an old device you may have laying around in order to save money. -Step two: put the PS Controller into its cradle

ps4, playstation, playstation 4 @ Pixabay

, making sure that the controller’s light bar goes through the hole of the dock. Be sure not to touch any metal parts as this could short circuit your system and ruin it forever! The long form content continues below after this sentence .. How To Set Up Your Own PlayStation Charging Station (PSCCH) – The Long Form Content Begins Below


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