Signatures are typically the last thing that people want to change. It is a habit that many of us have gotten used to, but it doesn’t mean it has to be like that. In this blog post, we will show you how you can upload your signature online and then change them on any computer or device!

fountain pen, ink, pen @ Pixabay

Want a more personal touch? You can even upload your own signature, and use pictures from social media or the web. Uploading them takes just seconds! Now you will never have to worry about forgetting your personalized sign off again. Changing it is as easy as uploading one onto any of your devices and changing what’s on display in writing programs like Word, Google Docs, or Pages! It is an awesome way to make sure that no matter where you are at school or work – someone has seen the unique style that identifies who you are. FAQ: How do I change my signature online? It only takes two steps to set up a new digital signature if all you want is something simple with less customization choices for free


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