Serious changes are coming to Elder Scrolls Online. The developers have announced that players will be able to change their class and race at any time for a small fee. This update will make

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more interesting, as you can always try out new things instead of sticking with the same character forever. We’ll explain how this works in today’s blog post! In this game, you have to choose the gender and race of your character from the beginning. This is a significant decision because it will affect everything about your gameplay experience. Your class choice dictates what skills are available as well as how these abilities function during combat. You’ll need to decide if you want to play an offensive damage dealer or healer/support based on which classes are available for each race in ESO (which vary depending on whether you’re playing Alliance or Horde). The races themselves also dictate various bonuses such as stamina effects and passive skill lines that enhance certain types of attacks with weapons like staves. With Update 18 we can change our class at any time directly through the UI without having to visit a NPC! We do


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