can you change azerite traits,

Are you looking to change your azerite traits? Maybe you want more of one trait and less of another or maybe you just don’t know how they work. Either way, this blog post will help explain the process for changing your azerite traits. First, you need to make your azerite armor fully empowered. This means all of the traits on the item have been unlocked and then increased in level through one or more Azerite Empowerment buffs with an amount depending on where you are in the world quest chain (less if it’s earlier). You can tell when this is done by clicking ‘Azuremyst Isle’ under World Quests at the top left of your screen. If there is no progress bar showing below that heading, go do some quests until that starts filling up. Second, once your weapon has reached maximum power and completed steps three through six mentioned above for unlocking additional traits from empowering azerite pieces during world quests chains), click on ”

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