can you change ascendancy poe,


“Break the Chains: Path of Exile,” is a title for an article about how to get a character out of its current Ascendancy. This is something that many players struggle with, and can lead to major frustration when they want to try new builds but are stuck in old ones by design. The article goes into detail about what it takes to break free from these chains, and offers advice on how best to do so. In this article, the author gives a few different methods for escaping these chains. The first is to simply complete your current path and break free from its constraints by unlocking all of its nodes before moving on. This can be difficult if you are not making progress quickly enough or want to stay with one build throughout (which may conflict with completing an entire path). A second option would be looking at other Ascendancy classes that could better suit what you’re trying to do, which might also give access to new skills/abilities that weren’t available in previous builds. The third way is the most straightforward: find another branch up through your tree until it intersects with something of interest – such as a node granting two passive skill points- then start investing


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