can you catch tapu koko,

schrecksee, bergsee, allgäu @ Pixabay

Kiawe and I were on our way to Akala island when we saw Tapu Koko fly overhead. “We need to catch it!” he shouted, before running off in the direction of the Pokemon. I followed him as he ran towards the ocean, then down a short flight of stairs that led to an empty beach where Tapu Koko had landed.

I gasped as my partner threw himself at the legendary Pokemon only for it to disappear again into thin air. “Kiawe, did you really think we could catch it?” I asked. He just shrugged before heading back up the stairs and this time he took me by the hand so that when Tapu Koko reappeared we were both ready to take a shot at catching it. We chased after our new target as they flew in some random direction, for what felt like hours until finally they settled down atop another flight of stone steps leading into an ancient looking temple. We gasped again but then cheered when one last flash indicated that the Pokemon had chosen us! Tapu Koko was ours! I reached out with trembling hands to trade one of my Pokeballs containing Pichu for their gift and found myself overwhelmed with joy when


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