can you cash a ripped check,

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Sometime life can be frustrating. You might have had a really bad day, or you may have received some unexpected news that made your day worse than it already was. And when your day is already in the dumps, something like this might just make it even more difficult to get through: You go to cash your paycheck and find out that the check has been ripped up! Now what?

success, ocean, beach @ Pixabay

Well, if you don’t know how to deal with rip checks, then read on for some tips on how to handle them. The first thing you should do when your check has been ripped is to figure out where the rip is. Is it in a place that would render the entire check invalid, or can someone still cash this? If there are no other numbers on the back of the check than those belonging to your account number and routing number, then you may be able to have someone else deposit this into their own account for you. Of course, if they’re going to go through all of this trouble just for one paycheck, what will happen with future checks? If notarizing isn’t an option (this needs special equipment), then don’t worry-you might find that ripping only affects a small part of your check anyway! But before dealing with any


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