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This post will explore the importance of self-titled artists and how they have shaped the music industry. Article continues after the advertisement below.. .. .. Author: Shannon Dowdy DDS – General Dentistry @ Houston, Texas | Website: * Blog URL:* What is a Self-Titled Artist and Why it’s Important? (read more..) So what does having a self-titled album mean anyway?

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A self-titled artist refers to an artist who names their own work as opposed to naming themselves at someone else’s suggestion or with that of marketing team members – which has been very common in recent years. The artwork for these albums usually features just their name, which is often written in a different typeface or style than that on the album’s cover. The practice of naming an artist’s own work can be traced back to Miles Davis, who released his first self-titled jazz album in 1956 and was pictured alone with no other information. This choice has been seen as one major factor in helping him rise to prominence. Other artists soon followed suit, such as Prince (self-titled), Björk (Homogenic) and Frank Zappa (Freak Out!). The trend continued into modern times, including for example Radiohead’s Ok Computer – their third studio LP after Pablo Honey and The Bends – which debuted at number two on the UK Album Charts upon release


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