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To address this, we reviewed RF data sources available from a region of globally high participation (New South Wales , Australia) and evaluated their utility for RF-specific performance indicators within harvest strategies. We then linked these data sources to RF objectives they may be used to monitor. A total of 21 RF data sources were identified in NSW over the past two decades, spanning all major aquatic environments and 146 fished species. Numerous data sources were available to monitor ecological objectives, providing time-series and potential reference points for key indicators such as catch-per-unit-effort.

Angler tag‐return studies are a cornerstone of fisheries research, providing insights into individual movements and estimates of exploitation, among many other applications. However, the data generated from these studies is dependent upon effective communication between anglers and scientists. As technological advances are adopted by anglers, little research has been directed at the potential benefits of incorporating modern tag reporting methods.

I currently own a 2017 Cougar AE so the nose of our boats are very similar. For starters I would suggest watching the Ken Smith video about the Basscat Lynx. In both of the videos he is with Phil Allison who breaks down a bunch of information regarding montenet news his boat, as well as his previous boats. His current boat has one bird on the front, with 360 on the ultrex. I do not know which mount he has it on I think it might be a balzout mount. You can get those either from parts or directly from balzout.

Using diverse methodologies, we assessed the impacts of a trammel net innovation in the cusk-eel small-scale fishery in central Chile. We show that the trammel net’s adoption followed the path predicted by the diffusion of innovations theory and led to significant increases in landings. We also show, using a data-poor stock assessment methodology, that the red cusk-eel stock is overexploited. Next, we identified fishersperception of the ecological and economic impacts of the trammel net innovation. Finally, we used bidding games to assess fishers willingness to accept potential management measures to reduce the gear innovation impacts.

Few data sources were available for social, economic, and institutional objectives, consistent with a global paucity of these data. We found that most social objectives of RF lie outside the scope of traditional harvest strategies, although some are linked to underlying ecological performance. Harvest strategy performance for RF will depend on the relative importance of social objectives and whether these can be achieved by controlling harvest. Ever since I won this bass boat I have been trying to make mods and upgrades to tweak this rig into the perfect fishing machine. One thing I’ve been dreaming of is having double graphs at the dash so we went with the leader Bass Boat Technologies Dual Graph Mount and Stacker Mount.