Use the map above, if you want more help finding the exact spot. Head south onto a strip of land that juts out and looks like a boot. There will be burned down farm, guarded by a degree 28 Gravehag. Slay it and inspect the nearby body for a clue to the treasure’s location.

Both by way of travel to get to it and the creature that guards it. If you haven’t found that point but, then Urialla Harbor will do. From Urialla Harbor, simply head west to search out the Bay of Winds. Grab a ship and set sail for the medium-sized island west/southwest of the Bay of Winds. Kill the beast, who is presumably Unlucky, check the nest for the note and observe its instructions to the loot. After picking up the contract, a quest marker will seem that may lead the player to a Redanian captain situated at Border Post’s primary bridge.

Slay the Fogglet that killed the cart drivers and then seize the letter and key off the corpse. Use the key to open the chest laying on the cart. Hidden treasure can typically lead into Side Quests, or could also be guarded by highly effective enemies.

If you select both “you have killed sufficient humans already” or “just out for a stroll” a small group of them will ambush you. You should then kill them all and loot a squirrel tail from their chief’s physique. If you leave the elves alone, leave the site, and return shortly thereafter, all the elves will be gone and you’ll nonetheless loot the chest.

Thing is, Cula says as long as we’ve him alive and in our camp, the other Squirrels won’t attack us, outta concern we’ll kill him before they’ll cease us. If you do not mention the elves and say you have not discovered any monster, you get some xp solely. Return to the guardpost captain in your reward. If you fought elves in their camp, remember to get your weapons again.

Make-up is a kind of as in The Witcher universe, the elves invented it. Meanwhile, there are also elves who managed to keep away from the cities. They fare a bit higher however thanks all in favor dress to human greed, their future is rather bleak. Because the human kingdoms of the Continent did recognize elven sovereign and birthright, elves were granted two domains.