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The other Toa Mahri returned to Metru Nui and didn’t turn out to be Turaga. The remaining Toa Mahri were once under the influence of a golden skinned being, but the spell was broken by Tahu. Tahu, Gali, Lewa, Pohatu, Onua, and Kopaka had been pokebot commands as soon as again referred to as for a new task. This time they have been destined to go deep within the universe core, Karda Nui.

However, Toa had a limited quantity of elemental energy–it would recharge ultimately, however not for several hours after a large amount of vitality had been expended. Though there’s a masks that may recharge the Toa’s elemental powers immediately. This masks is named the Mask of Elemental Energy. A Toa was able to performing a Nova Blast, utilizing all of their elemental power in a single blast. This tended to be a last-resort attack, however, since – relying on the factor in question – a Nova Blast could usually cause widespread destruction and dying.

A staff of Toa who have been going to assist in the exterior battle on the Coliseum, but they have been buried by Takanuva. All that was left of him was half of a devoured masks, some armor shards, and a puddle of one thing that Avak was undecided he needed to identify. Nothing extra is understood about him or his group, except for that he wore a Great Kanohi Kiril. Since his Shadow Leech assault, he gained the ability to manage Light and Shadow. He later lost his shadow powers when he was cured by a Klakk. Toa had been known also for their capability to combine two or more Toa right into a extra powerful type.

Other makes use of of Toa power have included therapeutic mortal wounds and reviving comatose beings. After a Toa has given up all of their power, they will be remodeled into Turaga. Turaga, while still being slightly extra powerful than Matoran, are much weaker than they were whereas Toa. Also their Great Masks transform into weaker Noble Kanohi. As Turaga, their responsibility is to now lead and information the Matoran villagers using the knowledge they gained from their experiences as Toa. It is unknown if Toa who didn’t start their lives as Matoran can become Turaga, as no identified ones have.

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After the takeover of the Matoran Universe by Teridax, the Toa Nuva scattered, with only Gali remaining in Metru Nui. The Toa Nuva then contributed to the Battle of Bara Magna, save Lewa who was teleported to Bota Magna by Vezon. The Dark Hunter “Charger” wielded an axe looted from a Toa.