August Alsina Announces Retirement, Battles Autoimmune Disease


So she grew up in a way that was very different than how I grew up. There were significant endless discussions about, what is relational perfection? And for the large part of our relationship, monogamy was what we chose, not thinking of monogamy as the only relational perfection,” Smith told GQ. Several artists have come forth to announce their early retirement.

The following year, he revealed on social media that he had to have surgery on his eye due to an eye disease that was causing him to go blind. Things appeared to get worse in July 2017 when he gave fans another update on his health. August said he woke up one morning and couldn’t feel his legs.

“August and I and my mother and the family as a whole have been on this journey with August towards his healing,” she said. Alsina collapsed while performing all the way back in 2014, and didn’t open up about the chronic condition until 2017. He actually revealed advanced inscriber automation the disease in an interview with Pinkett Smith, according to Essence. Pinkett Smith is, of course, married to actor Will Smith, but Alsina said in a new interview that Smith actually didn’t have any issue with his wife pursuing a relationship with Alsina.

They further explained that doctors believed exhaustion and dehydration were the cause. They were interested in signing him, but August said they took too long and he was anxious to get started. Def Jam was interested in him as well, and when the label’s head of A&R told August she had been watching him on YouTube ever since he was 14, he decided to sign with them in 2011.

But he did ask for forgiveness in the Instagram post of the video. Singer August Alsina has been hospitalized after losing the ability to walk. Jada had family members that had an unconventional relationship,’ the Men In Black actor, who has been married to Pinkett Smith since 1997, told the magazine. His second album, This Thing Called Life, was released in 2015 but did not reach the same amounts of success as Testimony. In 2016, he was featured on another hit DJ Khaled single, “Do You Mind,” which also featured, Chris Brown, August Alsina, Future, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, and Jeremih. He hasn’t released a lot of music since 2017, only a few songs here and there.