Are You A Sissy? 10 Ways To Know For Sure


If you’re feeling a bit intimidated and overwhelmed, maybe you’re not yet prepared for laser, IPL or electrolysis. You can at all times choose to stay with the tried-and-true method of sissy hair removal… shaving. Although shaving isn’t a permanent technique of male to feminine hair removal, it’s the best approach to be a smooth and sexy sissy—all of the time. Besides, you need to let the hairs develop out to ¼” which signifies that you aren’t fully hairless all of the time. I wound up scrapping my epilating experiment after six months.

I also laid out on the Ladies Room Counter the tools of my sissy shaving. If you’re not fairly prepared to indicate them off to the world, then it’s simple sufficient to maintain them covered-up within the winter. During the summer months, you possibly can paint them a impartial color.

It’s fully normal for questions corresponding to these to pop up into your fairly little head. By nearly every account, this methodology just DOESN’T work. Still, that’s a lot cheaper than stepping into for skilled laser or IPL therapies on a regular basis. Be aware that the overwhelming majority of laser house units aren’t actually true lasers in any respect but somewhat the IPL selection. Even though laser and IPL hair removal procedures are commonly known as permanent hair elimination methods, they’re in reality hair discount approaches to hair removal.

When I first started shaving my complete physique, I would do it as quickly as every ten days to 2 weeks. I discovered that going that lengthy between body shaves, as a outcome of the hair was so long, turned the shaving expertise into a chore. I epilated my entire physique, sans personal parts , weekly for six straight months—from February via stem outfits July of 2019. I got pretty good at it and gained an intimate—sometimes intense—knowledge of the epilating process. I do understand that some sissies may expertise this problem nevertheless. Hair removing experts recommend exfoliating to avoid ingrown hair issues.

But this time, take observe of the taint and the butthole as well. My strategy to sissy-dom is to strip away the elements that make a man, and slowly construct the sissy with female elements.