Yes, that is the name of the company that is launching an Android tablet. They call it “Andromeda” and it will have two screen sizes. The smaller one will be a tablet about 9.7”, while the larger one will be a tablet about 12.5”. The tablet will be called Andromeda M-G7.

The company behind this is Andromeda Technologies, which makes computer processors, and they have been very secretive about what they are doing. Some of their early work was with NASA to develop accelerometers in space. At least one of the companies they have been talking to is a huge player in the Android ecosystem.

I think that the rumors are true. It was a few months ago that we were told of a deal between Andromeda Technologies and Google to build phones with Android. It was said to be a very, very, very large deal, and it looks like Google has been very successful with their deal. As for their tablets, there have been rumors that they had some prototypes in the lead up to Google’s Nexus devices. I hope that’s true but I’m not holding my breath.

Like I said, Andromeda Technologies has been a huge player in the Android ecosystem. In fact, they were the first to create a Google Play store. This means that they control the Android Market with a much larger amount of power than any other company. If there is a chance of a Nexus tablet coming out in the future, that is a chance that would almost certainly come from them. Android is becoming a very big business in the world of tablets.

For any company that wants to make sure its product is getting the attention it deserves, it doesn’t hurt to be first in the space. In fact, I’d rather have an exclusive Nexus tablet than the one that other companies have. Just ask Apple.

Andromeda is a company which has been extremely secretive about all of its potential products. They are actually working on a device for the Android platform as well, but haven’t been able to announce it yet. That is because they are still on the early stages of development. A Nexus tablet will probably be the next big thing, and is likely to be announced soon.

Andromeda is working on a tablet, tablet with a big screen, and a camera, as well as a device which can send and receive data through fiber optic cables. What they are working on is a device that uses a radio frequency (RF) technology called the MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology. This technology is said to be able to handle up to 6 antennas. Of course, the more antennas, the more potential for processing power this new device has.

The technology is in use by other companies, but it’s interesting that Andromeda is working on this technology. The reason for this is that MIMO technology is already used in other things from mobile terminals to satellites to aircrafts. All of these systems are able to do the same thing, and there are plenty of RF technology patents out there. This new one is the first of its kind in the world and could prove to be the next big thing.

I can’t wait to see what all of Andromeda has in store with its new technology.

Well the new technology is in use in other companies, but the technology itself is quite a bit different from what we are used to. I have a friend who is a software developer, and he tells me that he’s used MIMO technology in his work. He also tells me that he uses this technology in his work and that he has been surprised at how good it is.


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