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Altus, a growing organization, was overseeing 20 ongoing studies across various clinical trial phases simultaneously – handling the total quantity of paper involved in these projects simply wasn’t feasible. “There’s so much paper, and it all has to be stored securely to protect sponsors’ and patients’ confidential information,” which factor does not impact the complexity of an incident says Ms. Montalvo. “We needed entire conference rooms and bookcases and all this physical space for every single study. We had to get rid of paper and go electronic.” Moreover, given the confidentiality of much of the data, Altus had to take great care to maintain the physical security of the storage space.

Aceutical corporations, we help research novel and sophisticated medications, procedures, vaccinations and treatment regimens and, in turn, seek to promote their successful implementation into modern medical practice. We provide comprehensive administrative management and experienced study coordinators to allow accurate and timely enrollment and completion of clinical trials. Over eight community-based private practice physicians participate in research at our center. Our clinical staff and administrators are committed to the most efficient operations. Fulfilling contractual time/budget parameters and implementing protocol/GCP/ICH compliance in a safe and comfortable environment is our ultimate goal. Beyond these inefficiencies in monitoring and sharing, the storage of the paper itself caused headaches for the staff at the site.

Commercial and industrial (C&I) solar developer Altus Power has signed a major strategic partnership with Trammell Crow Company , one of the largest commercial real estate developers in the US, to bring Altus Power’s clean power solutions to TCC’s real estate projects. Colleen Robb is a Psychometrician at Altus Assessments where she is responsible for conducting research on the Casper test and its new variations. Throughout her academic career, Colleen’s research focused on the psychometric properties of forensic assessment measures. After completing her Masters degree in Psychology with a specialization in Data Science, Colleen joined Altus assessments to contribute to the growing body of research on the benefits of holistic admissions processes. Altus Biologicsis committed to providing easily accessible and affordable care for all patients.

Soft skills assessments that measure applicants’ social intelligence and professionalism can help uncover who your top candidates are and highlight what applicants bring to your program beyond book smarts. This session will introduce you to the use of evidence-based, non-cognitive assessments that can help add more pixels to the picture to assist your admissions teams in the selection process. The streamlined monitoring and reductions in paper usage that Altus has achieved with Medrio eSource have empowered their staff to simplify and accelerate their processes, creating major efficiencies. Altus is enjoying these efficiencies more and more as they continue to grow and take on larger projects. By combining their unique manufacturing process and advanced composite materials, PROOF Research has taken traditional cut-rifled steel barrel performance and packed it into a light weight carbon fiber package. If you’re looking for match grade accuracy at a fraction of traditional barrel weight, look no further than PROOF Research.

While there are risks involved when volunteering for a clinical trial, it grants access to medications or treatments that are currently unavailable anywhere else—drugs that can potentially alleviate psoriasis symptoms in people who no longer respond to TNFs. While lying can still be a factor, it’s much better than making unsupported claims. People who said they had gum disease before, as per data, were at a greater risk of contracting HPV. Of course, any study will be open to further study, which is what the researchers said.