I often wonder what it would be like to have a completely self-aware mind. What would happen if I could just relax, be more present to my thoughts, and let them guide me.

I think I would be terrified because I wouldn’t be able to control myself. I would be like a cat who can only be let out of its cage by someone with a collar around its neck. No one else would be able to touch me or get in my head.

Maybe I could change my mind that much, but I don’t know. I would be like an idiot who just wants to take a shower and get all naked.

I can’t imagine that being such a huge issue, but I do believe that we have a mental health problem. This might be as a result of our brain’s self-awareness, or as a response to the way our brains work.

If you have a problem with mental health, then you are not alone. I don’t have a huge problem with mental health, but it has always bothered me. The reason I put this quote up is because the only thing that can fix it is for us to figure out exactly what kind of mental health issues we have. In other words, whether we like it or not, we all have some kind of mental health problems.

Mental health is a broad term we use here, and a fairly new one, to define the kinds of mental health issues that people have. There are literally a hundred different kinds of mental health conditions. Some of which may have a physical cause, but some of them are psychological. Mental health problems can range from something like a mild anxiety disorder or mild depression to psychotic, suicidal, and homicidal thoughts.

The new game Alevea Mental Health is still in early development, but the developer’s official website is a good place to start. It’s a title that’s full of clever social, psychological, and plot twists, so I recommend checking it out.

I can’t write about this game without mentioning the fact that the game’s creators have a very good track record with mental health issues. I remember when the game was first announced, the developers had already had two suicide attempts and also two cases of suicidal depression. The game is said to be quite emotional, but at the same time, the developers were also very clear that the game was not meant to be a game where you were trying to kill yourself.

So, given the number of mental health issues that have been solved in games, it’s no wonder why Arkane is so into the idea of a game where you are a mental health patient. It would also explain why they want to be so open about the fact that the game is not intended for you to kill yourself. In this game you are just trying to put the person who was trying to kill you behind bars.

I think its safe to say that the developers were trying to avoid creating a game that you yourself would find depressing or even traumatizing. They wanted to take a step in the direction of making games that just made you laugh or just made you feel a little bit more like you were being your true self. Its likely that these are the same people that put up the sign on the beach where we were playing last night.


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