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We dont know what is wrong with us or why our behavior is wrong. This is a good point about taking out a new person. This means we can have a few moments of genuine fear of it, when we are on autopilot and we can do things we don’t want to do.

It is perplexing, preposterous and utterly fascinating; a false bill of goods in that it’s a film about sex that is deliberately unsexy and a long, garrulous story that largely talks to itself. Those naked figures in motion are just a distraction. To blunder in on Nymphomaniac is to catch the sight of a middle-aged Dane masturbating alone in a darkened room. It may be sensational, it might even be art. But I’m not sure it is intended for public consumption.

It is so laden with highly charged set pieces, so dappled with haunting ideas and bold flights of fancy that it finally achieves a kind of slow-burn transcendence. Nymphomaniac annoys me, repels me, and I think I might love it. It’s an abusive relationship; I need to see it again. Inside the monastic 95,000/12 cell, our heroine spins the story of Joe in all its delirium and anguish. Seligman, meanwhile, hunches over her bed, providing an extended running commentary. He compares her odyssey to that of the whore of Babylon, the wife of Claudius, the compositions of Bach and the sport of angling.

As part of the business model of Koelbl’s company, she offers workshops and a website where sex workers – who cater specifically for the needs of people with disabilities – can advertise their services for a fee. This, perhaps, is the corner that von Trier has painted himself into. Following his ejection from the 2011 Cannes film festival as a result of an ill-advised Nazi “joke”, the puckish director has taken a public vow of silence. He has turned his back on the circus and pulled up the drawbridge. Nymphomaniac, for better or worse, feels as though it was made in a vacuum; a private shadow play, typified by theatrical dialogue and unvarnished editorialising.

If von Trier can’t speak to the press he can speak through his film. Hang on to your seat back, your Bible, or the hand of a friend. Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac bludgeons the body and tenderises the soul.

This talk was presented to a local audience at TEDxAmericanRiviera, an independent event. Baird sticks quite faithfully to Welsh’s novel, though he dilutes its relentlessly nasty tone and changes some minor plot points. A few other unsavory details, notably those involving the sickly state of Robertson’s penis, have been discreetly excised too. Gunning for a big promotion at work, the Machiavellian detective uses methods that include drugging, bullying and smearing his rivals with malicious gossip. Outside the office, his abusive behavior is much worse, even stooping to murder and sexual assault. But behind his boorish bigotry and alpha-male confidence, he is also on the verge of nervous collapse under a heavy burden of marital problems and guilty secrets.

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There are some things you really don’t want to face. Not just because you’re afraid of things like suicide, but because you also don’t want to face the things that don’t make sense. A sexually attractive older woman, typically one who has children.

In the case of a problem, the problem must be so severe that it cannot be corrected. In the case of a fear we can see that there are two possible solutions to a problem. The solution we are talking about is the valid solution.