Acollection Of Related Instructions Organized For A Common Purpose Is Referred As​


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Recently, communications also has become an essential element of the information processing cycle. A collection of related instructions organized for a common purpose is referred as software. It filled with the set of instruction and data used to function the computer and also other specific task. Processes using instructions, which are the steps that tell the computer how to perform a particular task.

Allows users to organize data in rows and coumns and perform calculations on the data. A collection of related instruction organized in a common place for a common purpose is known as software. Software is a group of small programs, which is used to navigate the proper way of functioning of any particular task. This stouffers stuffing is achieved by the synchronized use and coordination of the computer hardware. Word processing, presentation, and personal finance are types of personal interest applications. Uploading is the process of transferring existing content stored on a server or other computer or device to your device via a network.

Supercomputer is the fastest, most powerful computer — and the most expensive. The fastest supercomputers are capable of processing more than one quadrillion instructions in a single second. With weights that exceed 100 tons, these computers can store more than 20,000 times the data and information of an average desktop computer. Individuals suffering from technology overload feel distressed when deprived of computers and mobile devices. A ______ consists of programs designed to make users more productive and/or assist them with personal tasks.

Small offices include local law practices, accounting firms, travel agencies, and florists. SOHO users typically have a desktop computer to perform some or all of their duties. Many also have smart phones or other mobile devices to manage appointments and contact information.