A Automobile Touring With Constant Speed Travels A Hundred And Fifty Km In 7200 S What’s The Speed Of The Car?


Find the velocity of the train in Km/h. Speed is in metre per second(m/s), distance must be in metre. For unlimited access to Homework Help, a Homework+ subscription is required. He hears the sound of ?????

Express the pace with the suitable items. A motorist travelled the distance between two towns , which is sixty five Km, in 2 hours and 10 minutes. Find his velocity in metre per minute. If you want to find out about A automobile traveling with constant pace travels 150 km in 7200 s . A automotive travels at a pace of 50 m/sec.

If a physique covers equal distances in equal intervals of time ;it’s speed is alleged to be uniform otherwise it’s pace is variable. Peed of a body is the gap lined by the physique in unit time. A car is touring with a relentless velocity of eighty five km/h due north, while automobile B is touring with a continuing pace of a hundred and ten km/h due east . A) Determine the magnitude of the speed of automotive B relative to automobile A. B) Determine the angle between the rate of automobile B relative to car A and the x-axis. The mass of a excessive pace practice is four.5×105kg, and it is touring forward at a velocity of eight.3×101m/s.

A automotive traveling with fixed speed travels 150km in 7200s. The complete distance traveled by automotive is 150Km and the whole time taken is 7200 seconds which is the identical as 2 hours. Hence the speed for the whole a 1500 kg car skids to a halt on a wet road where μk = 0.50. distance traveled is calculated as 75 Km/hr. A automobile traveling with constant speed travels a hundred and fifty km in 7200 s. What is the velocity of the car?

Express your answer in watts per meter squared. This yields an approximate distinction of 1200 kilometers or 1209 kilometers – as a end result of travel time is rounded up. Ship A is touring north at 6 mi/hr, and ship B is touring west at 12 mi/hr. When ship A was dead forward of ship B, it was 6 mi away.

A automotive traveling at a constant velocity can attain one hundred eighty km / h in 3 hours. 420 km / h at the identical… A particular person travelled 270 km in 9 hours partly by automobile and partly by practice. Speed of car is 36 km/h and … Traveling at a pace of 60 km/h, it takes 2 hours to achieve by a automobile. How long will it take when the …

Find the time required for the electron to move from A to B. Find the path of the magnetic area, that… A automotive traveling at 34 m/s runs out of gas whereas touring up a 9.zero slope Part A How far will it coast earlier than beginning to roll back down? Express your reply in meters. A piano has been pushed to the top of the ramp at the back of a moving van. The staff suppose it is secure, however as they stroll away it begins to roll down the ramp.