12 Virtual Happy Hour Ideas You’ll Love


Virtual wine tasting experiences put a modern spin on a classic girls night idea. You’ll get to tune in live to talented chefs knowledgable in the fine art of wine pairing. You’ll sip on different reds, whites and beyond while you whip up small bites to complement each glass. It’s clear that good food and girls night ideas go hand in hand.

I love SignUpGenius’ ease of use and functionality. In just the last few weeks I have used SignUpGenius to help manage Girl Scout outings, Secret Santa Sign-up, a potluck, and volunteer opportunity at our preschool. skateboard laser flip I’ve tried other sign-up websites and find yours by far the best fit for my purpose. Makeup and Skincare Swap – Everyone buys one of their favorite products to swap with another guest at the party.

Some virtual game night apps are browser-friendly, while others require an app downloaded to people’s phones. Notifying invitees what apps to download ahead of time is another way to reduce wait time and technical difficulties during the event. Find a time that’s close to the end of the work day when everyone can log on and share memories of the person who’s leaving.

As an alternative to casual drinks at the bar, have your crew drop by a Zoom room. Keep you virtual birthday festive with a link to your favorite drink recipe in your online birthday invite and encourage everyone to mix up something special beforehand. Use Painting to Gogh to plan an exciting activity that everyone can enjoy. From beginner status to master painter, we have projects perfect for all audiences. Home parties are fun but not always practical without a little planning. Make sure you have an adequate amount of comfortable seating so guests can sit and chat with each other.

Even though you may not be able to say TTFN in person, you can still get everyone together online with one of our farewell party invitations. Ke everyone’s minds off the pandemic for a little while and check in on each other. Curb your cabin fever with a personal, chill group hang over Skype.

You’ll want to use Zoom’s whiteboard feature again for this game. If you, like me, wasted away countless hours of your childhood trying to stump one of those portable 20 Questions spheres, here’s your chance to bring it all rushing back. We’ll always be fans of a nostalgia-inducing activity. Bring out all the feels by playing some of your favorite childhood board games. Whether you end up determining who you’ll marry and how many kids you’ll have or buying some of the most popular properties across the states is your call. On the note of your wardrobe, you can totally use your girls’ night in as an excuse to host a virtual try-on haul with friends that are near and far.

The player that does not receive a location card instead gets a card naming them as the spy. The FBI detective, the person who starts the game, then questions the players about the location. Based on their answers, the detective narrows down who the spy is before the time limit is up. Online Office Games is a 90 minute virtual team competition. Like all good game shows, a host emcees and leads teams through challenges.

Here are some frequently asked questions about ideas for virtual game night. We also have a free icebreaker Bingo app and a list of board games to play online. Scattergories is a vocabulary game playable online. To play, a participant chooses a topic and rolls a dice to determine a letter. Then, players try to fill in as many words that match the topic and start with the letter.